Martin Daigle Is an interdisciplinary artist who is heavily involved in research and creation within audiovisual art forms. As a doctoral candidate in contemporary percussion at McGill University, he innovates as a performer and a researcher within a variety of musical contexts.

As a performer, Martin has appeared in festivals including: Acadie Rock, Congrès Mondial Acadiens 2019, FestiChoeur d’Acadie, Halifax Jazz Festival, Harvest Blues and Jazz, ImaginAIR International Festival, Inspire, Indian River Festival, Mud City Meltdown and Rythmopolis. He performs a variety of musical genres with a variety of artists; though, he is mostly known as an up-and-coming classical percussionist and a rock drummer.

To improve his craft, he studied a variety of musical genres as well as a variety of pedagogical approaches. He is a student of traditional tabla drumming which is a sacred percussion instrument within Indian culture. Classical Indian music does not work within the same rules and boundaries of western music; moreover, this art is taught purely in oral tradition. In 2019, he traveled to Israel to learn from Yoni Madar, who has an approach based on Middle Eastern tradition. The richness of Yoni’s pedagogical approach was based on the fluidity of movements to convey fluent musical ideas.

In 2021, Martin will release his first solo album entitled Mossy Cobblestone which symbolizes the effect of humans on the stability of the earth’s climate with a musical timeline. Martin appears as the drummer and percussionist in Les Moontunes.