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The winner of Music NB’s 2022 innovator of the year award, Martin Daigle is an interdisciplinary artist from the east coast province of New Brunswick. He is involved in audio-visual and electro-acoustic art creation, performance, and research. He brings an innovative approach to percussion music with the use of electronic devices. He creates new repertoire for augmented drum kit which features acoustic sounds, digital sounds, and visual manipulations.

As a performer, Martin performs in a variety of musical genres with a variety of artists; though, he is mostly known as an up-and-coming percussionist and a rock drummer. Martin has appeared in festivals including Open Ears Festival, Watershed Festival, Acadie Rock, Congrès Mondial Acadien 2019, FestiChoeur d’Acadie, Halifax Jazz Festival, Harvest Jazz and Blues, ImaginAIR International Festival, Inspire, Indian River Festival, Mud City Meltdown, Rythmopolis, and others.

As a researcher, Martin leads research on drumming balance, drum kit timbre and orchestration, and haptic-enhanced drum-kit learning. His research projects aim to make drum kit learning more accessible as well as prevent drumming injuries.

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