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Masque de Fer: Extended Drum Kit Techniques is an educative module on contemporary drum kit performance. This project was part of the ACTOR project in Montreal. if you are looking for some interesting sound samples here they are

Haptic Tutor - A haptics-based music education tool for beginners Haptic Tutor, a wearable haptic system for triggering vibrations on limbs of a student drummer aimed to help develop multi-limb independence. This paper was published as part of Haptic and Audio Interaction Design 2020.


Incandescence, By Jérémie Carrier, is an energetic percussion ensemble piece featuring the vibraphone as a soloist. It blends elements from Baroque, Metal, and Jazz music to bring life to the concept of the work. The initial bowed passage symbolizes the beginning of a flame emitting only a faint glow. As the piece develops the themes increase in intensity as the fire grows to its climax.

Martin Daigle arranged the drum set part.

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